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Ways to steal cryptocurrencies or how not to lose Bitcoin

Updated: Mar 18

Let's consider the most relevant methods of stealing cryptocurrencies. Knowing the basic techniques of hackers, you will be able to more consciously approach the issues of safe storage of bitcoins and other crypto assets. With the growth in the number of people who own cryptocurrencies, the number of hackers theft of coins is growing rapidly.

Sim card substitution attack.

If a hacker gains access to your SIM card, the phone number of which is indicated when registering on cryptocurrency exchanges or in google, he restores access to accounts without using your password and, for example, such a service as Google Authenticator is in his hands. This enables an attacker to take over your cryptocurrencies.

Browser extensions.

Most modern browsers use third-party extensions to make it easier to perform certain actions. Hackers skillfully inject malicious code into their extensions that reads all the data necessary to steal cryptocurrencies.

Malicious mobile apps.

Hackers publish applications on Google Play and on third-party sites that hide malicious code that can pass all your passwords to an attacker and gain full access to many of the phone's functions.

Replacement of the recipient's wallet number.

Recently, the Clipper attack has become more and more relevant, the essence of which is the substitution of the recipient's address when transferring bitcoins to the attacker's address. The carrier of this type of code can be both mobile applications for the phone and viruses for a regular PC.


This type of attack allows you to steal your passwords using site copies. The hacker creates a site that exactly matches the original site of the service and the user, without noticing the differences, enters his credentials on it.

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